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Get Rea!, Channel News Asia 12 November 2012 (8 PM Singapore time)


An exclusive interview with Dr. Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie Indonesia. Learn why Elixir de Vie Indonesia in Medan has become one of the top destinations for cosmetic surgeries in Asia, attracting mostly foreign clients, especially Singaporeans. Catch footage of live surgeries done by Dr. Arthur Tjandra at Elixir de Vie, as well as view the immediate result!


Editor's note: This is a reality TV show which has been produced to intentionally depict liposuction surgery as something scary and painful in order to create some drama. After all TV shows are all about dramas! There was a short segment where a patient who was undergoing surgery was caught to be screaming in pain for 3 seconds. This one-time off scream was kept being replayed throughout the show multiple times, and the scream was even extended on purpose. What viewers did not see behind the scene, was that the medical team was actually requested not to sedate the patient, so that the TV crew filming the surgery could chat and interview the patient throughout the surgery. The chat was never shown, of course. Only the part where patient was caught screaming was shown repeatedly. The before and after surgery result of both patients whose surgeries the TV crew covered, was not shown as well. There was a scene where a Singaporean plastic surgeon was pitted against our surgeon, saying that "syringe liposuction is a more traumatic way of doing liposuction, which causes much longer recovery". However, they contradicted this statement by showing a patient who just had whole lower body liposuction all the way from hips down to knees, walking up the stairs by herself 1/2 hour after her surgery was completed!! Subsequently, another patient who also had abdominal and thighs liposuction was shown walking around by herself shortly after surgery. The next day, the first patient went shopping, and another one headed back to Singapore. Both of them were shown walking normally, wearing their best outfits, barely 24 hours after surgeries on their thighs were completed! It was also stated that the second patient had been to our clinic 4 times! Had the surgeries been so scary and painful, would she have come back for the fifth time? Smart and wise viewers would have noticed this contradiction throughout the show! To our best knowledge, this TV show aims to create drama, however it does not depict the whole truth about liposuction surgery, especially syringe liposuction which has made us so popular around the world today. Syringe liposuction is in fact, the safest method of performing liposuction! To learn why, please read this page: http://elixirdevie.sg/liposuctioncasestudies.html


Singaporeans were also encouraged not to go overseas for surgeries because it is unsafe! Many foreign nationals go to Singapore for surgeries. We know of Americans, Australians and Europeans who fly all the way to Singapore for surgeries. Shouldn't those American, Australian and European patients be given the same warning as well? After all, they have to fly out of their countries! This is the era of medical tourism, where patients fly to other countries for cheaper alternative without compromising the quality of care they receive.


If you would like to learn the whole truth about getting your surgeries done at Elixir de Vie Indonesia, you may read first hand experience of some of our patients who chose to blog and share their experience here: http://www.elixirdevie.sg/blog.html, including the 2 patients who were featured on the TV show!


To view real non-dramatized footage of liposuction surgery, you may view some of the video clips which we have uploaded on YouTube.