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Dr. Arthur Tjandra will be meeting his clients in US
(Release date: 1st May 2009)

Dr. Arthur Tjandra will be in New York City from June 16th to July 2nd for an advanced fellowship program in facial cosmetic surgery, during which he will make time to meet prospective clients in San Francisco and New York City, who wish to get cosmetic surgeries done at Elixir de Vie Indonesia.


Why Elixir de Vie Indonesia? Firstly, because Dr. Tjandra is double board certified in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, as well as a cosmetic surgeon and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Tjandra has received his cosmetic surgery training at the Institute of Plastic Surgery Singapore, one of the world's renowned plastic surgery centers. He has also trained at various cosmetic surgery centers in United States, as well as with top plastic, cosmetic and oculoplastic surgeons from around the world.


Secondly, cosmetic surgeries in Asia cost much less than in US. Elixir de Vie Indonesia is located in the heart of Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia, which is just one-hour flight away from Singapore. Although cosmetic surgeries in Thailand and Korea are cheap, they certainly cannot beat Medan. Medan is one of the cities in Asia with the lowest cost of living. A typical nurse's salary is less than US$100/month. A decent house costs US$10,000. With such low operating costs, Elixir de Vie Indonesia is able to offer value for money. A typical liposuction which costs at least US$5,000 per area in US, can be done for less than US$1,000 in Medan!


Thirdly, Elixir de Vie Indonesia is one of its kind in South East Asia! It is a holistic cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine center which occupies a 3-storey building covering 18,000 square feet of floor space. It is equipped with 1 major operating theater and 2 procedure rooms, 2 consultation rooms, compounding pharmacy, gym, medical spa with 9 treatment beds, 5 guest rooms and a roof-top garden. Round-the-clock post-operative care is provided by the surgeon who also stays in-house.


Forthly, at Elixir de Vie Indonesia, we only use top grade surgical instruments, medical equipments and proprietary medications. We never compromise on quality and standard of our medical care.


Fifthly, airfares to Medan is cheap!! Return airfares on NWA to Singapore from the west coast cost slightly over US$1,000. Return airfares from Singapore to Medan on Valuair cost around US$100. Singapore Airlines will fly you all the way from San Francisco to Medan (stopping by Singapore to change to its subsidiary airline Silkair) and back, for US$1,150! Summer is just around the corner, and this is just the right time to visit Bali for a holiday and stop by Medan for an extreme makeover.


Lastly, but not least, this offer is not going to last forever!


So, hurry up and book your appointment now by email: Medan@elixirdevie.sg