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Office Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia
One-on-one preceptorship

(Release date: 12th September 2009)


Course Overview

Introduction to Office Liposuction by Local Anesthesia
The Role of the Cosmetic Surgeon in Performing Liposuction Surgery Tumescent Technique
Surgical Principles and Safety of  Office  Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
Patient Selection
Pre-op Preparation and Postoperative Care
Liposuction Techniques: Standard suction assisted, Power Assisted Liposuction, Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction, Low Level Laser Liposuction (CoolLipo, Smartlipo), LipoKit, LipoPulse
Live Surgery Workshop
Complications of Tumescent anesthesia and Liposuction
How to Manage and Market a Cosmetic Surgery Practice
Rewards of a Cosmetic Surgery Practice
Post Training Support and Education
Recommended affiliations
Malpractice and Medico-legal Issues



Enhance knowledge of liposuction techniques
Become familiar with office tumescent liposuction by local anesthesia
Become familiar with instrumentation required to perform office liposuction procedures
Become adept at office liposuction techniques and instrumentation by participating in the workshop
Extend knowledge of liposuction complications, their prevention, and management.



Tuition: USD 25,000 which includes a minimum of 10 live surgeries. This will satisfy Singapore Ministry of Health special licensing conditions for liposuction. Accommodation in the clinic and meals are provided for a nominal fee.


Please contact us at info@elixirdevie.sg for further information.


For more information on licensing application to perform liposuction in Singapore, please click here.