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Health & Wellness Center


Elixir de Vie Health & Wellness Center focuses on maintaining optimum health and wellness through disease prevention, nutrition, weight management and anti-aging strategies, all uniquely custom tailored to each individual patient. Elixir de Vie Health & Wellness Center offers a bevy of services devoted to physical and mental well being with nutrition counseling, weight loss program, anti-aging strategies, smoking cessation, psychotherapy, hypnosis, personal training, as well as gym classes. Our nutritionists will even make house calls or take you shopping at your local market to help you make healthy choices in the store and clear up confusing nutrition labels.


At Elixir de Vie Health & Wellness Center each patient is given a complete and thorough evaluation that far exceeds a traditional doctor visit. No one is ever rushed through the door. After discussing the patient's desired goals and needs, a custom tailored program is developed to maximize their overall health and prevent disease.





The goal of Elixir de Vie Health & Wellness Center is to become partners with our patients in their battles against the aging process. We employ all that medical science has to offer in helping people rejuvenate their bodies from the inside out. With the help of our certified personal trainers we can accurately identify your fitness age and recommend strategies to boost your energy and help you feel younger with more vitality.


By combining today's cutting edge medical science with integrative modalities that are well established and scientifically proven, Elixir de Vie Health & Wellness Center will help you rejuvenate your body from the inside out. This unique philosophy completes the circle of care you will receive at Elixir de Vie; making it an exclusive, full service practice for achieving optimal health, wellness and beauty while balancing the mind, body, and spirit.


We hope you embrace our programs and take full advantage of our team of experts so you can begin to rejuvenate your life from the inside out.